Victims of consumer fraud could lose savings and income they desperately need for food and shelter.  Alaska Legal Services Corporation believes that individuals facing economic challenges deserve the full protection of the law.  Our organization focus on a variety of consumer law topics including:

  • Bankruptcy and debtor relief
  • Debt collection, garnishment and repossession
  • Contracts and warranties
  • Collection practices and creditor harassment
  • Predatory lending practices
  • Loans and installment purchases
  • Public utilities
  • Unfair sales practices and consumer fraud

We help low-income and vulnerable clients who are facing these critical issues and do not have the means to defend themselves. Our advocates help clients challenge a business or individual that relies on unscrupulous or illegal practices. ALSC may be able to help you if you believe a creditor is wrongly attempting to garnish your wages, bank account or other property.

Many of the consumer cases that ALSC handles are resolved with as little as a telephone call or a letter requesting proof that the debt is valid.


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