Additional Resources


ALSC has four online resources that provide further assistance for Alaskans looking for answers:

AlaskaLawHelp is a guide to civil legal services and resources for low-income persons and seniors in Alaska. This site provides information on various free and low-cost legal programs, including basic eligibility and contact information.  You can find links to web sites offering helpful information, schedules of free self-help clinics, forms, and legal education documents that give basic information on a number of legal problems.

Alaska Family Law Self-Help Video Series is a series of short videos discussing many topics important to people representing themselves in divorce and child custody cases. The videos cover what to expect at different stages of the case including procedures that you have to follow. The videos also include information about parenting plans, child support, dividing marital property, and options for resolving your case without a trial. Each video averages 3-5 minutes in length. You can watch just the subject you are interested in or watch the whole series.

AlaskaTribes is dedicated to providing Alaska’s Native Tribes with resources and information regarding tribal courts and participation in state court proceedings.

The Fair Housing Enforcement Project of Alaska Legal Services is Alaska’s only statewide full-service fair housing organization. We work to eliminate housing discrimination and to ensure equal housing opportunity for all people in Alaska through education, outreach, public policy initiatives, and enforcement.  The Fair Housing Enforcement Project provides services to members of all protected classes, with special emphasis upon underserved areas and populations including Alaska Natives; immigrants; residents who are non-English speaking or have limited English proficiency; rural residents; persons with disabilities; homeless individuals; and persons residing in areas with large concentrations of people of color.  All fair housing services are provided free of charge. There are no income eligibility requirements.

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