Cy Pres Awards


Cy Pres is French for ‘as close to or near to’ and refers to class action lawsuits where there has been a settlement, but distribution of the funds becomes impossible or impractical. The court may order the settlement funds be distributed to organizations that serve a charitable purpose that is ‘as close to or near to’ the original purpose of the lawsuit.

Alaska Legal Services Corporation is an ideal recipient of Cy Pres awards because we help thousands of low-income Alaskans on a variety of issues. Our geographic scope and wide range of issues allows us to create projects that meet the objectives of a Cy Pres award. An award can be used to continue our ongoing efforts to advance public interest work or it can fund a specific project that addresses issues related to the underlying litigation of that case.

If you are interested in designating a Cy Pres award to ALSC, please contact us to learn how you can directly impact thousands of Alaskans statewide!

Alaska Legal Services Corporation is funded in part by the Legal Services Corporation.  As a condition of receiving this funding, Alaska Legal Services Corporation may not use any funds for any activity prohibited by the Legal Services Corporation Act or by Section 504 of Public Law 104-134.

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