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Before filling out an application, please review our client serviceseligibility requirementsfrequently asked questions, and self-help resources.

ALSC does not have the resources to accept all applications that we receive, and case acceptance decisions are based on priorities set by our governing board.

Our attorneys generally do not provide services for cases involving personal injury, accidents, or wrongful death. Many private attorneys will consider taking these types of cases on a “contingency” fee, with no money paid up front and taking their fee as a percent of the recovery. You can call the Bar Association Attorney Referral Services at 1-800-770-9999 (or 272-0352 from within Anchorage) for names and contact information for attorneys in these and any other area of law.

ALSC is prohibited from handling certain types of representation:

(1) class actions;

(2) criminal defense;

(3) representation of prisoners in any type of case; and

(4) representation of undocumented non-citizens, with an exception if the case involves domestic violence or trafficking.

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